Summer Demonstration

by Rare Magic

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released June 28, 2017

All songs performed, recorded, and mixed by Rare Magic.



all rights reserved


Rare Magic Austin, Texas

Rare Magic is Connor Oakley and Ashley Graves.


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Track Name: Ringworm
I felt it cold
But still I tried
Roll away the stone
It will not die

The hate I hold
Stops your reply
You burned down our home
But we cannot die
Track Name: Dead, Drunk, or High
Northwest eyes, those nights recalling me
Surrendered shade from the clouds that we might see
But I'm already disappointed
A shower-beer and he's anointed

Staying up in a tireless car

Dead, drunk, or high
He looks the part,
You hit your mark.

About all I do, I guess, look for a break in the tide
Lines at the bank, in your office, or in your car just killing time
Following the street names and all the highway lines
Hoping you'll find your way from your apartment back into mine

You see the fire, but you hide the tar

Dead, drunk or high
He looks the part,
You hit your mark

Dead, drunk or high
He looks the part,
You hit your mark

Shot left to die,
but I left a scar outlined in chalk.
Track Name: Cheer Up
I'm not anywhere.
No, I'm not at home.
I clung to your waist and said,
"I think it's probably time we go."

Well I doubt I care,
but who am I to know?
I looked back to face my face,
I said, "I think you've lost your glow."
I looked at the face that's left and said,
"I think you've lost your glow."

A midnight, well lit bar
An "I'm right" in a smoked out car
The pale lights, foul cigar
Could you please help me find my scar?

A black eye, someone you met
I feel bad, I've got no regrets
Help wanted, I wanted the best
A split lip and a heavy chest

Black grime under my fingernails
I believe the myth, never licked my mail
I keep my head high on the floor
I didn't want too much, just a little more.